Service Descriptions

Not all background screenings are the same. Below are descriptions of the services we provide.

Rental References

postbullets We verify property ownership and personally conduct phone interviews with each property owner/manager.

Employment Verifications

postbullets We verify employment through the employer. We do not use a database.

Eviction Searches

postbullets This search is conducted through the largest database of landlord-tenant records. It provides information on past court actions of prior landlords.

Credit Reports

postbullets Credit reports are obtained from one of the three national credit bureaus; Equifax, Experian, or Transunion We provide this information in an easy to read format that includes: credit score, address history, account payment history, public records, judgments, and prior inquiries.

Credit for Employment Purposes

postbullets This is a specially formatted credit report that is provided for employment purposes only.

Drug Screening

postbullets We provide third party drug and alcohol screenings as part of your pre-employment check.

Motor Vehicle History

postbullets Information on violations, suspensions, and other driving information. *Information provided varies by state.

Workers Compensation

postbullets We can provide workers compensation searches, post offer, to verify information provided to you by your applicants. *This is a state by state search. Not all states are available.

Nationwide Criminal Search

postbullets This is a database search that compiles records from numerous agencies. This search uses sophisticated algorithms to match applicants information to information contained in the database. It also searches multi-state sex offender registry, and the terrorist database. *This is not an all-inclusive criminal search. All criminal records are NOT included in a nationwide database.

County Criminal

postbullets This is a physical search of county criminal records. This search includes all felony and misdemeanor records within the county searched. This search will provide the date offense, charge, level of charge, and disposition.

TBI Criminal Search

postbullets This is a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation Search. This search will include all misdemeanor and felony filings reported to the state of TN. This only includes information from the state of TN.